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Join our Affiliate program and grow!

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Earn Cash When Your Referrals Become Clients!


Become A Top Earner:




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Earn Commision

Earn high dollar commissions on every purchase by your referral


Track Earning

Track your earnings through your own affiliate dashboard


Promote easily with referral links or attractive banners

Refer & Earn

$500 per client booked!

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Why Become Our

It's easy to do and at Digital Prodigee we give great incentives to promote our Affiliate program!

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How To use our Affiliate Program


Earn Cash Quick


Get Professional Network Invites


Help Make a Difference


Become A Solution To Their Network

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We saved your taxes

Invest for the long term on your terms

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there a minimum payment threshold?
    No, there is no cap on your income with our team!
  • What happens if a referral customer claims refund?
    The cash stays in your pocket!
  • Do you create apps for people?
    Yes, we specialize in Custom Native or SAAS built Apps. Please schedule a time to chat:
  • I would like to chat with an App Consultant!
    Absolutely, feel free to find a time that works best for you:
  • I need to sign an NDA before I share my idea
    Agreed, during our call we will send you our NDA link to electronically sign before you share any details about your App project! Please use the link to schedule:
  • I need funding for my app idea
    No worries, we have several in-house funding options for your to get your app funded.

You got questions we got answers!

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Join Today!

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Earn up to $500 per Sale.

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Over 4,000 people are already using Digital Prodigee as their affiliate

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